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Denise Lyons

1430 & 1500 Senate Street
Columia, SC 29201

Hours of Operation
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday


Libraries are essential to Family Literacy. In South Carolina, libraries bridge the gap for those who may not have access to resources for a variety of reasons. Libraries educate the whole family by providing computer and internet access, materials such as books and music, access to health information to help them lead healthier lives, and interaction with staff that are skilled in programming to engage young children to learn.

In order to assist family literacy efforts across South Carolina, the South Carolina State Library launched a new project: a perpetual print activity calendar. The calendar begins with September and each month has a theme that encompasses books, songs, activities, health information, and family wellness information. You are looking at the web version: an interactive version which uses multimedia to enhance the content and bring these various components to life. If families can only spend a few minutes together, this calendar will give them something they can use to make sure that this is quality time as well as educational time.

Our calendar will highlight South Carolina, feature state symbols, nature and historical sites, state events, and be representative of the multiculturalism of the state. We were fortunate to receive grant funding to publish the first version. We continue to raise money through donations and sales so that we can make them available free of charge to our SC educators and families. We also hope to translate into Spanish and Braille and make all versions as multicultural and accessible as possible.


The South Carolina State Library is the primary administrator of federal and state support for the state’s libraries. The Library is a national model for innovation, collaboration, leadership and effectiveness. The Library’s mission is to optimize South Carolina’s investment in library and information services. In 1969, as the result of action by the General Assembly, the State Library Board was redesignated as the South Carolina State Library and assumed responsibility for public library development, library service for state institutions, service for the blind and physically handicapped, and library service to state government agencies. Headquartered in Columbia, S.C., the Library is funded by the state of South Carolina, by the federal government through the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and other sources.


1) Reach children and their families throughout South Carolina, giving them something they can do together to foster skills, especially kindergarten readiness skills

2) Remind families of the importance of reading, provide important health and wellness information, and break down the family-friendly kindergarten standards into usable pieces

3) Place a special emphasis on reaching those of single-parent households, low-income families, children born to young mothers, and those living in English as a Second language households; partner with agencies that serve preschool children, and those who provide family health care and conduct health outreach

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