Teen Literacy

  • Lack of enriching opportunities during out-of-school time
  • Programs that provide after-school services, including literacy focus include Boys and Girls Clubs and your local YMCA
  • Strategies are needed to address students/schools with the most critical needs.
  • Increase after-school programming and parental involvement programs ensuring that learning activities link to classroom activities
  • Develop regionwide performance measurement and evaluation system for services across the lifespan

Fast Facts

  • Young people spend only 20% of their time in school; how they spend the remaining 80% of their time impacts their learning.
  • Libraries serve an important purpose in the community and especially in the K-12 landscape.
  • Libraries serve, and are not just a source of literacy services. They are also a safe place to go after school.

Information taken from the Literacy 2030 Midlands Needs Assessment, 2012.