Literacy 2030 Update

After several years of working on a local community reading effort, near the end of 2010, a group of library and literacy leaders undertook the first step in what would be a long journey toward improving literacy rates in South Carolina. That first group of volunteers helped to support the Right to Literacy campaign by sending the scroll–a declaration of support of literacy–throughout the state and planned the first Midlands Literacy Summit. Through the support of the Central Carolina Community Foundation, this group formed a leadership team, underwent a branding and media campaign to become “Literacy 2030” and worked with literacy advisors to create a plan that could be replicated in other parts of the state. Literacy 2030 is now housed at the South Carolina State Library. We are moving towards re-presenting the initiative in 2015 and provide information as to how all counties across the state can become involved.

In the meantime, using the information created from the midlands plan presented in early 2012, Richland Library reignited the program working with local community partners and serving as a model for other counties ( They are already onto year two exploring the ways that local networks will be able to come together around the three target areas of School Readiness, Grade-Level Literacy, and Family Literacy.

This effort will move statewide positioning the public library as the center of the community, serving as both convener and resource. With direction and support, the South Carolina State Library will help our libraries and partner organizations local and statewide to chart the path towards improving their communities. Together we will work towards connecting communities to raise the literacy rates of South Carolina and Rewriting South Carolina’s future one reader at a time.

Literacy service providers, educators, businesses, legislators and passionate volunteers are determined to break the intergenerational cycle of low literacy in our state. Literacy 2030 unites these stakeholders under an admittedly challenging yet important goal. We believe in the power of collaboration to change lives. We believe that by 2030, we will see a community transformed.


By focusing the varied spectrum of literacy nonprofits towards one common goal, we improve communication, maximize organizational efficiency, expand service awareness and work together for positive change in the communities we serve.


We provide literacy organizations with a variety of resources—from funding sources to training workshops—to extend the reach of their efforts.


By centering the varied spectrum of literacy nonprofits around one common goal, we improve communication, maximize organizational efficiency, expand service awareness, and work together for positive change in the communities we serve.


We stand as the united voice of the literacy movement, working to promote literacy efforts, raise awareness and build a network of community support.

How We Began

Literacy 2030 grew from conversation among literacy service providers. For many years, there has been a need for a coalition to further the work of literacy providers in South Carolina. In fall 2009, members of the original group “A Community of Readers” began serious conversations about convening a summit. Funding was secured in the spring of 2010 from Central Carolina Community Foundation. The first Literacy 2030 Summit was held on October 16, 2010.

This is our future. We want empowered, 100 percent literate citizens who will grow our economy and strengthen our state. Join us as we march toward a literate South Carolina.