About Us

Literacy 2030 Background

Literacy 2030 was designed by a group of library and literacy service providers to address South Carolina's literacy efforts through improved community collaboration. Instituted in 2010, under the name "A Community of Readers," Literacy 2030 maintains its goal of achieving 100% literacy in South Carolina. The South Carolina State Library leads the efforts of Literacy 2030 with many partners who continue to develop community partnerships, align services, advocate for literacy, and build capacity. This is achieved through our Five-Phase Approach. This is our future. We want empowered, 100% literate citizens who will grow our economy and strengthen our state. Join us as we march toward a literate South Carolina.



By focusing the varied spectrum of literacy organizations towards one common goal, we improve communication, maximize efficiency, expand service awareness, and work together for positive change in the communities we serve.


We provide literacy organizations with a variety of resources to extend the reach of their efforts.


We serve as the central network for streamlining literacy efforts, improving communication between organizations, and sharing ideas.


We stand as the united voice of the literacy movement, working to promote literacy efforts, raise awareness, and build a network of community support.



Join the Movement! Literacy organizations are invited to join a vibrant network of literacy advocates. As a member of Literacy 2030, you will be part of a community working together to transform the lives of those in South Carolina. We are working to rebuild our database. Please send an email with the name of your organization, contact person’s name, email, and telephone number to literacy2030sc@gmail.com and we’ll be in touch. You will also have access to Media Kit upon approval.

Contact Us

Email literacy2030sc@gmail.com, or call Andersen Cook, Statewide Initiatives Coordinator, at (803) 545-4432.

Literacy 2030 is a program of the South Carolina State Library at 1500 Senate Street, Columbia, SC 29201.